Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back to Reality

Well, to say we had a whirlwind of a time on the east coast is an understatement.  Everyone says you need a vacation from your vacation, but in our case, our home is a vacation.  My love of this city continues to surprise me.  So once the suitcases were unpacked and laundry finished, almost anyways, it was time to get back to the beach!  It's just that easy to do.

Not five seconds after dropping our bags, Vinny makes his first sand angel of the day.

Time to start digging a hole.

First time buried in the sand!

Struggling to work his way out of the hole.

Another first:  Stepping foot, on purpose, in the Pacific Ocean!  Vinny actually wanted to dip his toes into the water, and since the waves were remarkably calm, he had a bit more confidence...but do note the death grip on my hand.

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