Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vinsanity (a nickname coined by a friend that is making more and more sense these days)

Springtime doesn't seem to last long out here in the desert...I suppose I take the winter for granted. So before it heats up for good, Vinny and I are enjoying some trips to the park in town. He is so brave and quick on his feet. No need to climb on the playscape with him-he knows exactly where to go and what to do all by himself, including sprinting towards the pond to say hi to the ducks. Needless to say, I get a little workout chasing after him!

While I don't have a picture, I have to share Vinny's first traumatic experience on the slide. Ant took him to the tot lot behind our house last weekend. Being the hands on dad that he is, Ant couldn't just wait idly on the ground waiting for Vinny to come down the slides...he had to run around on the playscape with him, of course. Well, before he knew it, Vinny took off down a slide...on his tummy...and the poor kid face-planted in the sand below. Sand stuck to every sweaty inch of his head and hands. Ant did his best to brush him off and quickly loaded him back on his trike and got him home. Into the tub Vinny went, and all you could hear was the crunch of sand in his teeth. A few scrapes and "sand burn" still remain a couple days later, and the incident is now just a thing of the past, no lasting emotional damage. He was right back to running, climbing, sliding, and giggling today! Oh, and the safe stable stairs to the top...no no no. Those are apparently way too boring. Why take the easy way up when you can climb the slippery ladder rungs with nothing but air underneath? Ugh, seriously, I am going to have a heart attack one of these days!

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