Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Training...Not So Relaxing This Year!

Three. Yup, that's all you get. Three measly pictures. Granted we seemed to be super busy this year, with Anthony traveling, and me planning the big birthday extravaganza, and who knows what else. Spring training seemed to be over began it even started, and I think we made it to two games all told. Vinny saw none of them, and neither did we come to think of it. If we weren't chasing him up and down the hill you see above inning after inning, we were stuffing his little face with snacks in hopes of keeping him still so we could catch our breath! He was the center of attention for all who strolled by center field, as you could hear him giggle and squeal a mile away. And how exciting it was for Vinny to finally figure out how to roll down a hill! Knowing how little he enjoys sticky hands, he must unhappy about the cotton candy we let him try for the first time in the picture above! Either that or he just scrubbed in for surgery...but somehow I doubt that.

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