Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank You Science, Indeed...and John.

As I was piddling around the kitchen one afternoon last week, I sparsely heard a news report about IVF. An anniversary? Did the doctor die? I really didn't take the time to think about the event being reported. I did however pause to think about Vinny. I thought about how without the carefully calculated science of IVF, I wouldn't have my little boy. And then I went about my business of the day. Later that day, Anthony handed over the laptop. "Here, read this."

My brother in law is a blogger, and he writes about such things far more important than jaunts to the zoo and play dates at the town library. Perhaps the science of IVF has become just a little more personal to this family. Sure, IVF is not without controversy, but I can't say I have any regrets. Then again, we got lucky. John's beautifully crafted piece has touched many in our family, and some others that I would have never suspected could ever relate. It is a piece that I will treasure forever.

Oh, and that news report...turns out the IVF guy has a name. And he had a really important day.


The most noble Nobel...

He is perfectly soft, easy to hold.

He is warm, infectiously so, of body and soul.

He smiles, a lot.

He cries, just a little.

He soothes the hearts of many.

Soon, he will throw a ball, spell a word, write a story,
kiss a girl, walk to class on a crisp autumn morning,
teach a youngster a lesson, or maybe even save
a life. Surely, he will. You just know he will.

All the while he will feed his family joy.
And this is just, and right.


He was once frozen, confined in a playground of glass
and sterility, alone. He was winter's last icicle.

But now he is like the first warm day of spring.

A miracle.

He has 4 million brethren, and today one of the
responsible scientists earned a nobel prize.

And this too is just. Because this much love and joy,
times 4 million, equals a whole bunch of rightness.
And our world is clearly better for it.

Thank you science.

Thank you, Dr Edwards.



amy said...

He sure saved my life, John. He is my joy, my miracle,

and my reason for smiling. Every day he makes me smile.

My heart is bursting with happiness and gratitude. John,

thank you for sharing our story.
grin, tear, sniff, all of it....LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Very good.....

Lorraine said...

This was a beautiful tribute to a special scientist & a

special child that was born because of this scientist's

labor of love.
Thank you for making the effort to give praise to this

Nobel winner & all the babies that have been given life

to be loved & cherished. Because of his efforts, perhaps

someday those babies may contribute miracles for the

rest of humanity.
Love, Lorraine Kulpinski

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