Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Park Isn't For Feeding Ducks Anymore!

Summertime-heck, half of fall for that matter, is no time for sliding down hot slides here in Arizona. But now that the temps are subsiding, and Vinny is complete mobile, we have been visiting the town park, next tot he duck pond. Vincent has no fear. It wasn't easy chasing him around with the camera to capture his skills, or keep the mommy hand at close reach (though Vinny had no use for my protective hovering). I did finally let go of him and allow myself to just watch. Perhaps a glimpse into the rest of my life as a parent?
Check our the tongue. He does this now whenever he is intent on conquering something new.
See ya later mom...
It didn't take long to explore the entire playscape, and Vinny wasn't even afraid to try the big kid slides, including the corkscrew slide. Climbing into the mouth of this lion was a little intimidating, but he did try it!

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