Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gramma Visits!

Here are a bunch of pictures from my mom's recent visit to Arizona. My dad stayed home, and I'm not sure they will ever travel separately again (kinda sweet actually). Vinny loved having Gramma in our living room "in person," though it took a few minutes to register that Gramma was indeed real, and not just a talking face in the computer screen, like on Skype. He couldn't take his eyes off her in the car on the way home from the airport.
Babci sent this Silly Songs book for Vinny, and it has become his favorite book. It took him about one read-through to figure out how to match the little pictures on each page with the button that plays the matching song. We love how he claps after each song. We're hoping, err, I mean, wondering, how long before the batteries wear out?
Our Field Trip to the Phoenix Children's Museum
Oh my goodness, was this place amazing! Vincent has a ball playing in all the various rooms for the little guys. Here he is digging though a table full of dried peas.

In order to get this shot, I had to crawl under the playscape in another dramatic play room. We had so much fun playing hide and seek, and Vinny could have slid down the super slippery metal slide 100 more times if we let him.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? It's like Anthony's very own mini-me. They even stand alike!
Vinny smells flowers by blowing on them. It's so sweet. I'm still working on getting him to blow kisses, but I think we are close.
Gramma, I don't know about this noodle forest...
After a few hesitant warm-ups with Daddy, Vinny was all smiles through the noodle forest with me. Those are pool noodles by the way. Clever doesn't even come close to describing how inventive the museum was with everyday objects.
One more time...on his own! I'm telling you, once he figures something out, there is no stopping this kiddo!
I tried following him through the forest to make sure those crazy big kids didn't run right into him...and to snap a couple of silly shots like this one...
Hang on Daddy, I can fit right under these silly things!
Shopping in the grocery store...We visited this room a couple of times trying to get a mini grocery cart, but the museum was really crowded, and one was never available. So we filled a basket instead.
Vinny could have stayed in this giant moustrap room all day. He was fascinated by how the balls rolled down the tracks and all over the room. Check out his focused expressions in a few of these photos.
Look Daddy!
OK, this set cracks me up...Vinny gathers his toys like a little chipmunk, so see below how he gathers up the little balls under his chin to bring to Anthony to send down the tracks.
All that fun tuckers out a little guy!
Pumpkin Patch
I swear, Vinny wears more than just a red polo shirt...and the one below is actually orange! The first thing we did at the farm was visit the petting zoo.
Last year we had to prop Vinny up with hay and pumpkins to capture a shot like the one below. He no longer sits like a sack of potatoes, that's for sure. It was so hot on this day, and the sun was brutal. He wanted nothing to do with posing. Can't really blame him.
Corn Maze!
Hmmm, wonder what's around the corner?
Come on Daddy, follow me!
Vinny was such a trooper...but by the end, Vinny was spent and needed a rescue. He's super cuddly these days and loves to give really good hugs. We never wish for him to feel under the weather (and he was with all his eye teeth coming in), but the snuggles are really good for the soul.
Picking Out the Perfect Pumpkin!
Took Gramma to the Zoo
The giraffes are that way Gramma.
Come on Gramma.
The kangaroo walk-about is one of our favorite places to visit first thing in the morning when all the kangaroos are active and social.
Check out the baby kangaroo's leg sticking out of her mama's pouch.
Vinny loves to ride the train.
Shopping Spree
Gramma and I couldn't resist putting Vinny on the mini merry go round in the mall. Meanwhile Gramma did some damage and did her best to fill Vinny's pajama drawer and closet with some new outfits for the cooler weather.
Happy Birthday Gramma!
My mom departed on her birthday, but we wanted to celebrate with a yummy coconut creme cake (a recipe I have been itching to have an excuse to make for a while now) the night before she left. So upon taking the pans out of the cabinet, we found that we had one uninvited guest...a rather gigantic wolf spider!
Once the creepy crawly was taken care of, I went to work. The seven minute icing was so fun to make, and even more fun to frost the cake with. It looked so pretty even without the toasted coconut we threw all over.
And here is the finished product, along with birthday girl, who is channeling her inner 35 year old. Candles were inadvertently left off the shopping list, therefore we had to make do with some leftovers in the junk drawer.
Vinny loved the pillowy frosting.
We tried to get an "awake" shot...that was the best we could do. Love you mom. I am so proud of you for boarding a plane and coming all the way out here to visit Vinny. He loved playing, reading, building, and rocking with you. I loved having you here, too. Thank you for coming, we can't wait to see you for Christmas!

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