Monday, April 20, 2009

Vincent Gets Baptized

This was a blessed weekend.  Vincent received the Holy Sacrament of Baptism.  It was a day Anthony and I had prayed would happen for a long time now.  All babies are special, and we do believe that all life is a miracle...but Vincent is a miracle baby indeed.  So many prayers have been sent his way, even before he was conceived, and we give thanks to God everyday for blessing us with such a perfect child.  

We wanted to have Vincent christened while my parents were still in town so that he would have all four of his grandparents there for the ceremony.  Vincent's Godfather, Brian, came out, too which was a special surprise.  He has much to celebrate these days:  his engagement to Katie and the birth of his niece, Emma Rose.  She is only 3 weeks younger that Vince, and she was born the day after Brian arrived!

Nine other children were christened,  too, since baptisms are not performed during Lent.  So the oil, Holy water, and candle are all newly blessed from Easter last week.  Vincent slept throughout the whole Mass and Christening.  He was such a sweet little boy.

God Bless Vincent Joseph!

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