Wednesday, October 10, 2012

San Diego!!

I've said it before and suspect I will say it again, but living in California is pretty sweet.  We are so close to everything!!!  For my birthday this year, Ant planned a trip to San Diego.  We had to wait until October for work to settle down for both of us, but it was worth it.

First stop, SEA WORLD!
Here they are feeding the very noisy and very hungry sea lions.

Measuring up to the dolphins...

Hello Shamu!

Where we goin' next Daddy?

Feeling the starfish with Daddy in the tide pools.

We can not believe he agreed to this...feeding the sea rays....

Shamu Show!

Giving the SPLASH signal!

 They don't call it the "Soak Zone" for nothin'!

There are 4 Shamu's.  Who knew?

Our trip happened to fall during AZ's fall break, so we ran into the Lafko's and Vinny's best buddy Evan.  

Lunch with Shamu

San Diego Zoo

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