Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

What's the Pirate Password?  YO HO HO!  This year, Vinny is completed obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  With no costumes to be found in the Disney Store or on line...anywhere, Mommy had to fashion one herself out of felt, duck tape, and a little hot glue.  Not too shabby.

Off to Monrovia's annual Halloween block party.  The Chamber of Commerce blocks off the Old Town section of town so that all the local merchants can pass out candy.

But it felt more like a cattle herd than trick or treating.  Just one big long soup kitchen line.  Still it was fun to see the whole town dressed up in the spirit of things.

 Not a fan of this guy...

I tried to catch a shot of him walking down the street below, but when I knelt down, so did he.  Goof ball.  Still, I love this shot because it sort of captures our "Old Town" main street section of town.  We love to drive up the tree lined street, checking out the little shops.  Makes a trip to the grocery store not so unpleasant.

Dinner at T-Phillips before heading home to trick or treat...

Back to our neighborhood for some real trick or treating.  First stop on the block!

Checking out the booty!

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