Friday, September 2, 2011

Always on the Go

Vinny and I found this really cool little indoor play space through my new Mom's Group. It's a pretty clever concept actually: a bounce house, playhouse, ride along cars, a giant mousetrap like climber, and plenty of little toys to make believe with. All under one roof, in a room big enough to allow for enough space, but not big enough to lose your kid. It was a great way to spend our morning.
On this particular day, Vinny and I took a spontaneous trip to the zoo. Since we bought a season pass, we can go whenever we want, and since it's only 20 minutes away (ok ok, that's without traffic...coming home usually takes an hour), and since I am doing the stay at home thing for a while, we took off on a whim. Here we are having lunch in front of the giraffes. They live right next to the lions, which roared. Loudly. Vinny wasn't crazy about that. He'll probably feel differently now that he's seen The Lion King. Just look at those eyes!

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