Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who's #1?

Anthony often wonders if Vinny loves his Boppo more than us. They are best buds, and Vinny keeps Boppo on his toes. You'll never see Boppo get up and down off the couch more than when Vinny is over for a visit. They gather the toys together, they build towers with blocks together, and they share more peanut butter puffs and pretzels than one can imagine. Here they are eating lunch and looking up a special recipe together.
Boppo prides himself on teaching his grandchildren new tricks, and here is the latest, which Boppo insists Vinny learned in 5 minutes. It's the "Who's #1?" trick, and all it takes is Boppo's prompting, and Vinny throws his finger in the air with a giggle.
I love these pictures. But they do not capture the immense love that is felt when in the room with these two. They have a bond like no other, and it is special.

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