Monday, November 1, 2010

Can't help but make me proud!

I may have mentioned it a time or two in the past how much Vincent loves to read books. Here he is reading a couple of his favorites, Goodnight Moon and Elmo's Favorite Places.
He's even figured out that reading is way better when you have a cozy spot to sit...and if Mommy's lap is not available, the rocking chair is great, too.
We've never really read Vinny bedtime stories before placing him in his crib. He always went right down after an episode of the Wonderpets. Naptime was a breeze, too. But recently, he's started to cry as soon as he hit the sheets. So we tried rocking him again with a book. Problem solved. We've found that reading On the Night You Were Born, It's Time to Sleep My Love, Hush Little Polar Bear send him to straight to dream land. Heck, they have such a sweet lullibye, they practically send us along with him!

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