Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bye Bye Baby Curl (tear, sniff)

While Vincent has spent the greater part of his 17 months bald, he's always had such a perfect little head. Since he was born with only peach fuzz, he never went through that awkward stage where it all falls out and then grows in only on top. He's just always had good hair days. Only adding to the cuteness was the little curl that developed in back. It reminded me of a duck tail. I loved to play with it, nuzzle my nose in it right after a bath when he smells perfectly sweet.

Well, the time had come. We had to get it cut. So off we went to the local barber shop where Anthony goes to get his coif cut. No frills, and they work fast! We were in and out within 10 minutes!

Oh, there it goes...
The old man clipping away in the neighboring chair handed me a little Whitman's chocolates box to collect the first snip. I found that quite adorable.

The gentleman in the next chair over provided a welcome distraction.

Yes, Vinny. It's all done.
Big boy hair now.

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