Friday, January 1, 2010

Vincent's First Christmas 2009

You know, this blog is filled with Vincent's Firsts, and this one has to be the most special for me. Christmas is my favorite time of year, and for so long there has been something missing. That wasn't the case this year. The holiday began with Valia, our traditional Polish dinner at Tom and Louise's home on Christmas Eve, and continued with an Italian Christmas Dinner at our house. Our First Christmas! It was magical, and I can only imagine the sparkle in Vinny's eyes as he anticipates the arrival of Santa each year. We snapped hundreds of pictures and lots of little videos, so here is a link to my attempt at making an iMovie to capture it all.

Last year my mom and I broke down in tears as the ball dropped upon 2009. Ant and my dad just shook their heads, but I think they would agree that these past 10 years have been quite a ride. Ant and I were married, moved to Arizona, bought and sold our first house, got a dog, and then another dog, bought our current house, replaced all our stuff (not a highlight), and finally completed our family tree. Those tears washed away all the hardship and welcomed all the good that we knew was to come in 2009. And boy was 2009 good. In fact, it was down right awesome.

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