Saturday, October 10, 2009

White Matter

A couple months back my brother-in-law, John, began his own blog to reflect upon his own family, his profession, and his passion for cycling.

While I will admit to skimming over his bike jargon, it's the connections he makes with his family that really speak to me. Referring to a recent cyclocross race with Will, John found the words that I think I have been searching for. See John-I told you I would use them! This captures what it means to remember the "moments."

"I look over and he looks back with a grin I am trying to emblazon into my white matter forever." (JMM)

There are so many faces I want to emblazon into my white matter forever, but of late, these are a few that melt my heart.

That's The Face
My 2 Favorite People
It's hard sometimes to write meaningful words without sounding like I'm narrating an episode of Grey's Anatomy. I hope that at the end of this, I will still have emblazoned onto my heart as well the intense love I have for my family. It's the kind of love that spills over like teardrops when you just can't believe how lucky you are.

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  1. Amy,

    Thanks for the quote. Vinny looks glorious. Having a family and kids is a great ride, indeed. It's obvious that you and Ant are enjoying it. Cool.

    Your blog background rocks. Keep posting-its nice.



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