Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eventful Week, Full of Milestones

Even I have noticed my posts become fewer and farther between. These days, Vincent keeps us busier than ever before..and we know that soon our lives will be forever changed. Vince is crawling! Well, just about anyway. He's been up on all fours rocking like crazy, and he has begun to move backwards. Here he is trying to crawl right through the laptop to grab Gramma's nose...or cheek...or glasses...or hair....yes, he's grabbing everything in reach, too.

Hi Gramma!
Another big milestone this week has been sitting up all by himself without any support. This one sort of surprised me, it sort of happened without me realizing it. Here he is chewing on a new favorite frozen teether. Vincent cut two little itty bitty bottom teeth this week! Ooh they are sharp! If I were nursing, this would have been the week I quit!

Big Boy!
Eating these last two weeks has been a new challenge, too. Vincent has little use for rice cereal, but we are trying. By now it's more applesauce than cereal, but he's liking it a little more. I then introduced peas to him, and he loved them! Right now we are working on sweet potatoes, which he loves as well. Trouble is, as you can see form the picture below, Vince is hardly a neat eater. He sort of face plants into the spoon. It's comical for sure. Thankfully, he hasn't given me raspberries yet during mealtime, though he's been practicing. I'm waiting!

Love This Face!
Daddy Feeds Me, Too
So far we've been feeding Vincent right on the counter, but today I ordered a highchair. He squirms around so much, we need something to contain him! I just had to include the picture below for fun. Vincent was just happy as could be in his jumpy while I did a few things around the house. I think I sat down to work on the laptop, and found that it had become oddly quiet. Well, this is why...

Play Hard, Sleep Hard

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