Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Been a While!

Whoa! I've been taking some heat about not keeping up with the other bloggers out there. It's true, I really have slacked this past month. The truth is, I've been having way too much fun playing with the little boy rather than writing about it. And I know I will kick myself later for not getting everything down on paper, err... keyboard. So, I hope I can make up for it with this post.

Let's see, today is Vincent's half birthday, as my students say. How many times have I said or heard how quickly time is passing. It's so true, and so hard to accept. So to celebrate Vincent's 6 months in this world, I put a little cereal in his bottle last night. Woo Hoo! He loved it. I think. Who really knows? But he did gulp it down. Later today, we'll try making a small batch of slop and see how that goes. Should be interesting. Since nursing didn't work out, I am all geared up to make home made baby food. Really? How hard could it be? Hey-pipe down out there busy mommies who have been there done that-I can hear you laughing at me.

So Vince...oh, how I wish we didn't live so far away from so much of our family. He is precious. He is hilarious. He is happy, curious, active, thoughtful, tactile, affectionate, cuddly, mellow, even-tempered, alert, and just dog-gone sweet! We hit the jack pot with this kid, we really did. These last 6 months have been some of the best times of our lives, and really, not much has happened. We are fully aware that each stage of Vincent's life will be better, he will do more, and we will enjoy him even more. But so far, he's exceeded all of our expectations of parenthood. Vincent is flat out awesome.

This past month we've noticed him making some huge strides towards mobility. Vince is steam rolling his way across the living room. He prefers to roll over to his left side, and once he gets going, he doesn't stop. It's no longer a struggle to roll from tummy to back. Forget the blanket...he rolls right off. He's also begun to enjoy playing on his tummy more, and pushes himself up on his hands. Earlier this week he began pushing himself forward just a bit, and I caught him up on his tippy toes. Of course he quickly face planted, but it made us realize life is about to change, again. We are quickly approaching the time when we may no longer be in charge. I have a feeling we are about to go where Vincent wants to go and when Vincent wants to go.
Murphy is Vincent's best bud, as Uncle John says. Murph loves to lick his face, and he doesn't mind it one bit. Now, he watches Murphy and follows her as she walks by. He smiles at her, too. When she snuggles up to him, he reaches out to touch her soft ears and wet nose. Murph had another rough go of it this month, and I worry that Vince will never know just how special she is. Hang in there ol' girl, soon enough Vincent will be chasing you around the back yard! Ant will be annoyed if I don't mention how much Lucy loves Vincent, too. OK, she does, and unfortunately Murphy doesn't like to share. It's pretty funny watch Lucy try to check him out. Murphy runs right over and pushes her back, out of the way.

We've also realized that Vincent is ready for real toys that do things other than rattle. He's grabbing everything in sight and likes to push, pull, and chew it all. So, it's off to the toy store to buy toys that stack, pop, ding, and roll. He's sitting up pretty well with support, but not yet getting up by himself. Although, he can pull himself into a seated position in the bathtub. He loves to bounce up and down in his jumperoo, which is hysterical and adorable.

Well, given all the new eating experiences we are about to introduce Vincent to this month, I'll be sure to keep you all updated more often. Lots of pictures are sure to come!

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