Sunday, August 16, 2009

Take Me Out To the Ballgame!

Thanks to our good friends, Tess and Jeff, we were able to take Vincent to his first MLB game.  We had awesome seats, just one section back from homeplate.  The Dodgers were in town, so it was great to see Manny get booed.  Even though he had a great game, the D-Backs had a better game and beat LA 4-1.  We had so much fun, and we are pretty sure Vinny had a good time, too.  He loves watching baseball on TV, so being in the ballpark was a great opportunity for him to take in all the sights and sounds of a ballpark.  He never stopped looking around.  

One of the best moments came when Baxter the Bobcat (Chase Field was formally Bank One Ballpark, but more affectionately referred to as the BOB, hence Baxter the Bobcat), anyway...the best moment came when Baxter came over for a picture with Vinny.  The usher gave Vinny a pin that said My 1st D-Backs, game, and Daddy bought Vinny a rattlesnake shaker to cheer on the "Snakes."

Baxter the Bobcat with Vinny

Vincent stayed awake for most of the game, finally falling asleep in the 8th inning.  The man seated behind us leaned in and asked, "Is he always this good?"  Of course he is!  He received so many compliments-it was one of those proud Mommy and Daddy nights.

Vince woke up to the loud cheering in the 9th inning so he got to see the D-Backs celebrate their win.  We stayed for the fireworks afterwords, too.  Vincent was startled at first, but never cried.  He's still pretty serious, and studies everything new, so while he didn't necessarily smile, I know he loved the fireworks because he couldn't take his eyes off the sky.  

It was a wonderful night to remember, and we hope to take Vince to many more baseball games in the future.  Maybe one of these days we'll get him to Fenway!

Vinny and the Boys!

Oh, and about the's a Hawaiian shirt with little surfboards on it.  Since Vince is a Red Sox fan (he told me so), he doesn't have any Diamondbacks gear, so this shirt was the closest we could find to Sedona Red in his closet.   It's not nearly as ugly in person as it shos on camera.

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