Tuesday, October 1, 2013

School Days

First Day
Oh my. How 4 years have gone by so quickly is beyond me.  But here we are.  All those Pinterest projects I've been pinning for what I thought would be a lifetime away...well, here is the first one.  The First Day of School Chalkboard Frame.  Vincent, as he is known in Jr. K at Holy Angels School, had a rough couple of days adjusting to a new classroom, new friends, new teacher, and NO mommy.  It was rough for me, too, I will admit, but luckily half day dismissals and lots of special treats helped settle him into the new routine in no time.

In fact, by the 3rd week of school, he was nominated by his teacher as most improved person of character.  So he was recognized during morning assembly by the principal, in front of the whole student body, for working hard to be a good boy.  The certificate, which we proudly framed, actually reads "for being an Accountable Citizen" but we are going with good boy for now.  Vinny will tell you it's because he does his work with no cryin.' So I'd say he gets it.  He is so proud of it.  And so are we.

Picture Day
Normally, the little kids at Holy Angels get to wear their PE clothes to school every day instead of formal uniforms.  But for Picture Day, Vinny dressed up.  He was very excited for picture day, and even demonstrated to me how he had to tilt his head "like dis" for "da pi-chah."

Here is the result.  You can tell how much Vinny was concentrating on the photographer's instructions. But upon looking at the photo, Vinny immediately remarked, "hey, where's my tilt?"  Apparently the posing felt just that unnatural.  Can't blame him...still I just love how it turned out.  My handsome Mr. Serious.

So before I wrap it up, FINALLY, I'll leave you with a couple new Vinny-isms:

  • He uses the word "actually" like a pro.
  • Anything that he thought of on his own, or made up is referred to as "I just learned it up."
  • When asked if he did something, he replied, "well not exactly."
  • When anything goes wrong, he says "Oh nuts!" I have to explain it's short for "coconuts" from Jake and  the Neverland Pirates, otherwise we could get in trouble.
  • He qualifies things with "totally," as in "I totally did that."  Yup, he's a California boy!
  • But we are infusing "wicked" as much as possible, as not to forget our roots.  This boy is wicked smart!
Well, that's it.  Just about a whole year of business.  Now that I'm back to part time and home in the afternoons, I hope to keep up with monthly posts.  Time is getting away from so much faster than ever before, and I don't want to forget a thing.  Hope you enjoyed the update, and thank you for sticking around all the way to the end.  See you soon...mom and dad visit in a couple weeks, so I know there will be fun adventures to tell about!

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