Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Few Vinny-isms...

Since I'm home with a double pink-eyed Vinny this week, I find myself catching up on a few things...but not many.  So while I am thinking of them, I wanted to record some of Vinny's new vocabulary terms and pronunciations...

Here he is, after dinner at his favorite, Chili's, signing the bill, on the line, on the top, on the bottom, and anywhere else his name will fit....or as he like to say:

"Wridin' a wot of names of me."

I've mentioned the "AIRPLANE EARS" before, and here's an encore:

 A few others:
Arizonis = Arizona
Cac-stis = cactus
Es-ka-size = exercise
Beranna = banana
Berella = umbrella
Tomado = tornado, as in water going do the drain, OR, a tomato, OR a potato.  One word, 3 usages.  Now that's a homonym!

I'm sure I'll think of some more.  For now, here's just another opportunity to take a "pitchah."

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