Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

When your preschool is little...and your mommy is the director, you sort of get special perks.  So when our numbers are down, I bring some of the little guys up to Pre-K with me for a treat.  On this day, Vinny and his best buddy Richie joined us for lunch.

The truth is, I had this turkey headband project on the agenda, and couldn't resist the chance to put one on Vinny, too.

Off to Phoenix for Thanksgiving at Tom and Weez's.  Our hearts were heavy with the memory of Joan's passing one year ago.  But we passed the day with really beautiful weather, food, drinks, and company.

How's THAT for a dining room?

Here's Vinny with his new buddy (and owner of just about all Vinny's hand-me-downs), Luke.  And note, just 24 hours with his big cousins James and Justin is about all it takes to forget about wearing a shirt.

Vinny loved sleeping over Aunt Weez's house and going to the neighborhood park...without a carseat!!!  Living on the edge!

 Future engineers?

Last year, we sent messages up to heaven for Mommo to catch.  Vinny drew her triangles because that's what he knew how to draw.  This year, he wrote his name all by himself.  He knew how proud Joan would be to read his name.  And she would.  To think about all that Vinny is learning and saying and doing these days.  I know she sees it all, but how I wish she were here for Vinny to share it with her.

Look at these 3.  How much bigger than Vinny they are.  Yet, when we roll into town, they drop everything to play with their little cousin.  We are so grateful for and proud of James and Justin.

Chillin' out with Uncle Tom.

Feeding James' turtle, which thanks to Vinny is now named Tom Brady.  While this didn't initially go over very well in this Giants/Eagles house, the name has stuck.  See, told ya those boys love Vinny.  He's got them wrapped around his chubby little finger!

Oh, the fish is Tom Brady, too.  

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