Saturday, December 10, 2011

Here and There

Just a week after Thanksgiving, a terrible windstorm swept through Monrovia and surrounding towns. We lost power for a few days, and we had to find ways to suffer through the boredom. Unlike our friends and family back home, we did have it easy...since we are powered by gas, we had access to our stove and hot water for the shower...still we found a way to pity ourselves. We are such wimps. Here we are one afternoon killing some time at the mall riding the choo choo train a couple dozen times. Vinny loves the caboose most of all.
This is a picture of the cozy quilt I sewed one weekend for Vinny's bed. I had been planning to make this for some time, and just never got around to it. My inspiration was one of those overpriced sets from the Pottery Barn catalog, though I did splurge on the embroidered pillow sham. Vinny loves to snuggle up with his "queelt."
Here we are out at the park.
He loves to swing from the monkey bars in between sprinting around the playground.
This Mickey cart has revolutionized my grocery shopping excursions. There is a TV down there with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes programmed. This little distraction helps me get up and down the aisles within a half hour!

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