Saturday, October 1, 2011

It Closed!

Not two days after we got home from Connecticut, Vinny and I headed back to the desert to visit Mommo and Boppo. Joan had not been feeling well, so we thought Vinny might be just the spoonful of sugar she needed. And who should call while we were about to cross the state line but our realtor. The house closed and there were papers to sign at the title company! What timing! So we bid a final goodbye to the old house. Sad that the market left us with no investment, but we are glad to be able to put this to bed and be done with it.
Vinny can not get enough of playing "soop-ball." This makes his Daddy very happy. So he was eager to help James break in his new football along with Uncle Tom and Justin.
Vinny had a blast. Between running up and down the court at Justin's basketball game to putting together puzzles over and over and over again with Mommo, I think Vinny accomplished his mission of spreading a little sunshine. But after being away from home for nearly a month, it was nice to get back into our own beds!

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