Friday, April 1, 2011

Popsicles and Lizard Hunting

"Cheeeeeeeesth" is what you will hear if you take out a camera in front of Vinny-but you better take the picture fast, because he won't pose for very long!The weather this spring was so mild that we could take advantage of sitting out on the patio at night and just relax...something that doesn't happen very often when you have a toddler. Here is Vinny enjoying his very first popsicle of the summer. Later he would play in his water table and dig in the sand a bit.
Before long, the lizards would join the party and Vinny was on the hunt to spy them. He would call "yizah, where are de?" And then he would hold his finger to his lip and "soosh" much like he does when we read about the little old lady in Goodnight Moon, as not to disturb his little desert friends. You can see the little guy on the wall down in the right hand corner of the picture below.

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