Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween Vincent!

Yesterday we celebrated Vincent's first happy Halloween. Halloween has always been pretty fun on Banff Lane, but this year was exceptional, and I suspect it will only get better. We began the afternoon by carving a pumpkin. I really had no idea what Vince would think of the pumpkin guts, but in typical Vinny fashion, he cautiously stuck his hand into the goop and contemplated the sensations (another nod to Uncle John). Just when I thought we were done, back in he went all on his own.
I just had to stick him in the pumpkin, too. When else will I ever have this opportunity again? Vince was incredibly cooperative, and with only a few silly antics, we were able to garner some smiles. Really no complaints on his part, and we were sure not to push it. We still had a lobster costume to don!
Vince O'Lantern, 2 front teeth and all!
Mommo and Boppo joined the Banff Lane Halloween fun this year. Vinny "with a Y" is always happy with his Boppo. Here he is dressed up as a little lobster.
Bryce and Evan are two of Vincent's first friends. Bryce's "Scooby Dooby Doo" sure does put my own childhood version of the costume to shame. They sure have come a long way since those ugly, uncomfortable, plastic costumes. Both Evan and Vince were adorable checking each other out. Nothing's more entertaining to a baby than another baby face!

It was only minutes after this that Vincent fell fast asleep in his costume. Good thing it was easy to slip right off, and he was wearing his jammies right underneath! But just for fun we dressed up today and really hammed it up.

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