Sunday, June 7, 2009


You might think this is a picture of how well Vince is holding his head up these days (and he is!) but, no.  Look carefully...this is Vincent Skype-ing with his Babci, Papa, and Uncle Tommy this morning!  What fun!  We generally dial them up on the computer every Sunday and sometimes on Tuesdays when Uncle Walter and Cioci Vicki are over for supper, too.  It is so great for us to be able to see them when we talk rather than just hear them on the phone.  But what's even better is they can see Vincent kicking, smiling, squirming, playing, sleeping, and cooing in real time.  I am so grateful for this new technology because we are so far away.  This really makes up for us not being able to be there in person.  Vincent really seems to enjoy it, too.  He notices the faces on the screen and responds to their voices-ESPECIALLY my Gram's!  He was pretty fussy this morning when we dialed her up, but as soon as he saw her face and heard her talking to him, he settled down.  What a special relationship Vince is forging with his Great-Grandparents.  Not many can say that.

Here he is earlier this week talking to Gramma.  He had just fallen asleep, but that doesn't stop Gramma from loving every minute of watching him!

We've also been on-line with Auntie Missy, Uncle Greg, and cousins Ben and Sammy, Auntie Gail and Uncle Mike, Auntie Nancy, and cousin Donny.  I love being able to put the camera right on Vince, that way I don't have to worry about making sure my hair is brushed!  But if you are on your computer and have a web cam, get yourself hooked up with skype and keep it logged on so we can dial you up!  We don't care if you haven't done your hair!

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